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Ros-StarkeyRos Starkey Transition Coaching specialises in transitional change coaching for those
who have reached a crossroads in their career, business or personal lives, and
are now seeking guidance on how to move forward.

Ros has over 25 years of coaching experience which enables her to expertly listen, question and support her clients, working with them to focus on their concerns and strategically map out a plan to navigate the challenge they are facing.

She works with people who are facing a key career decision, are at a career crossroads or need to take stock and review their situation.

Working with leaders and managers, she helps them to unlock their potential, providing them with the tools to improve their own and team performance.

Ros also works with small business owners and not-for-profit organisations, and has advised private clients managing significant changes in their lives such as relocating abroad, having herself migrated from the UK to America.

Ros Starkey Transition Coaching helps clients by:

Coaching is a cornerstone of high performance, a successful change management tool and a vital driver of business success.”
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)