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Leadership and Management Skill Building

Client background

This client approached Ros to work with them to develop their sense of what successful leadership and management skills are. Ros focused primarily on raising their self-awareness and developing tools and techniques to aid them in managing and leading their team. She also worked on their influencing and communication skills to improve their relationships with their peers, team and senior management.

Individual objectives


At the end of their time together, not only was the client being recognised as an improved leader and manager, but others in the organisation were asking them to mentor and share the communication processes they had introduced into their group.

In a second piece of work with the same client, Ros was engaged to help them deliberate over an offer being made by an external company to join them as a director. Ros encouraged them to reflect on what this job could bring, consider the size and culture of the organisation to determine if it was a good fit, review the benefits and downsides of taking the position, and whether the job fitted strategically with their career aspirations such as an ultimate goal of being on a company board. The client accepted the position.