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Ros was an invaluable support to me as I sought to find direction in my personal life and career. Her coaching led me to identify a completely new career path and take my first steps on it, something I would not have thought possible before. Ros helped me to explore my personality and skills, enabling me to reassess my capabilities and interests; she challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone and open my eyes to possibilities of what I could achieve. Her wide range of experience meant that she could help me at every stage, from goal-setting to interview preparation, and her flexibility enabled us to meet at a time and place that suited me. Furthermore, through her encouraging, engaging, and honest coaching I have rebuilt my confidence and courage. I am extremely grateful to Ros for her help, and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Catriona Given
UK Sales Manager

I sought out Ros Starkey’s services after a surprise lay-off due to a reorganisation of the company I worked for.  I realised after a few challenging interviews that interviewing and searching for a job had changed dramatically since the last time I had to actively search.  Initially, I hired Ros to help me prepare for my interviews and get my résumé updated and ended up getting so much more.  She helped me to strengthen my résumé and provide as much impact as possible.  She also helped me work on being more succinct during interviews, creating my unique selling proposition and five take-away points about me to leave with the interviewer.  We also ended up working on life goals, career goals, and my communication style.  Ros is incredibly intuitive and helped me find confidence and strength during a very challenging time.  I also walked away with a much better idea of the direction I would like for my career to take.  I highly recommend Ros Starkey’s expertise.  She made a dramatic difference.

Vicky Miller,
Regional Sales Specialist, Ultra Violet Device, Inc.

Ros has worked with me over the past ten years, and has provided me with expert coaching skills which have helped me grow and take my Skin Care business forward. It has included preparation for team meetings, building a strategy for growth, creating new ideas for marketing and sales, and building confidence within myself as a businesswoman.  She has consistently been a strong support and encouraged me every step of the way, championed my successes and worked hard to help me when I have faced particularly hard challenges.  I have enjoyed the fact that Ros is flexible and I have been able to have coaching when needed at various stages, I have even had coaching sessions on Skype when she was living abroad.  I particularly enjoy the fact that Ros has the expertise to adapt her approach to my particular personality style, in order to work with me.  I would highly recommend Ros without any hesitation.

Lorraine Hart,
Owner, Skin Care Business

Ros was instrumental in helping our group work as a team.  During our sessions we focused largely on how to more effectively communicate with one another, allowing us to increase our morale and productivity.  Through recognising and appreciating the preferences illustrated in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Ros helped guide our group towards our full potential and towards attaining workable goals.  Her knowledge and professionalism was crucial in improving my ability as leader to work with each member of our team based on their individual personality, helping me to adjust my approach towards performance improvement, conflict resolution, appreciation and feedback.  I would recommend Ros to anyone looking to maximise their team’s capabilities!

Melissa Garlington CFRE,
Director of Development, Children’s Museum of Houston

After I graduated from university I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with regards to a career path, and the task of narrowing down some potential areas and then applying was enough to demotivate me entirely. After time spent exploring my strengths, weaknesses, goals and some personality testing, Ros helped me narrow down a few potential industries and jobs that I might find fulfilling, interesting and relevant. Ros then helped me perfect my CV and applications, prepare for interviews and ultimately secure a job at an exciting tech start-up. I found the sessions incredibly motivational, and feel that Ros’s engaging and honest help was absolutely what I needed to secure a job.

Danny Riley,

Physics Graduate, Test and Support Engineer at a Video Conferencing Technology Company


I have worked with Ros Starkey for five years on all aspects of management and leadership.  She has become a core member of my advisory team and her expertise has been fundamental to my success in my chosen career path.  Working with Ros has allowed me to stretch myself into new roles and areas of the business, which it is unlikely I would have achieved without her; but most importantly working with Ros has been fun.

Niall McCormack,
Vice President Global Exploration at a Major Independent Oil Company

Ros is an exceptional and inspiring coach who has enabled me to find the clarity and confidence to fulfil my potential, providing strategies to achieve my personal and professional long term success.  Ros is highly commercial, operating at a strategic level within a complex and fast-paced environment.  She has a proven track record in improving organisation and individual performance whilst maintaining a focus on bottom line results.

Martina Parker,
Employee Engagement and Policy Specialist, Learndirect Limited