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“Take Control of Your Career”- a career management seminar (with optional follow-up coaching session)

“Take Control of Your Career”- a career management seminar (with optional follow-up coaching session)

This seminar, run by Hilary Danelian and Ros Starkey as an open course through The Whitehall & Industry Group, can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and delivered as an in-house event.

Organisations today use a variety of career management processes and activities, both formal and informal. These range from routine development discussions with line managers, to job families and career pathways, to talent management programmes for those identified as having ‘high potential’. Whatever the organisational intervention, common to all is the underlying principle that the employee should take an active role in managing their career.

It is this trend towards having to manage your own career, even if you stay within a single organisation, that now makes it vital for individuals to review their career options on a regular basis.

This seminar, run by experienced career coaches, gives you space to review your career and equips you with practical tools and resources to help you progress along your chosen career path. Participating in this intensive event will help you: take stock of your strengths; understand what motivates you at work; identify what holds you back; open up new options; and identify opportunities that you might have missed. A follow-up career coaching session helps sustain momentum and offers expert support as you implement your action plan.

Seminar Content

The content includes:

  • a process to help you reflect on your career path to date
  • a diagnostic questionnaire to help you identify your Career Anchor
  • creative exercises to open up new thinking about your future career path
  • an opportunity to explore potential constraints and barriers to success
  • practical tips and resources to help you take your first steps along your chosen pathway
  • tools to take away to help you plan your future career in line with your values and aspirations

You will be asked to complete some pre-work to ensure you make the most of your time on the day itself.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is for anyone who is facing a key career decision, is at a career crossroads, or just wants to take stock and review their situation. You might:

  • be at a career turning point, needing to weigh up your options in order to make the next step count
  • have a career path mapped out but are uncertain about how to make the next promotion happen
  • be in your target job or have it in sight, yet feel a sense of unease and lack of fulfilment
  • find that a merger or downsizing has changed the landscape and impacted your career opportunities
  • be in the second half of working life, seeking meaning, and looking to find your authentic self at work
  • be in sight of retirement but still want to seek out new challenges and maximise your contribution


Hilary Danelian:

Hilary is a respected coach, facilitator and HR professional with 25 years experience. A Certified Coach, she holds a diploma accredited by the International Coach Federation. She started her own coaching business,

Pathway Coaching, in 2004. She is a Licensed Career Coach, a Master NLP Practitioner and an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner. Challenging, creative, and pragmatic, Hilary is known for delivering results. She has coached clients from: HM Treasury, Royal Bank of Scotland, Johnson Matthey, Interflora, Rolls-Royce plc,

Institute of Cancer Research and Ministry of Justice. With a background in HR, Hilary is a Chartered FCIPD.

Ros Starkey:

Ros is an experienced coach, coach supervisor and management consultant with 25 years experience and has worked in both the UK and the US. A Certified Coach with a diploma from The School of Coaching & University of Strathclyde, she is also an accredited Coach Supervisor from the Coaching Supervision Academy.

She is an MBTI and TMS-accredited practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Licensed Career Coach. Ros worked in the oil and gas industry, in Information Services, then HR, in a global learning and development role, before setting up her own business in 2004. Clients include: British School of Houston; Hess; Hydro; Children’s Museum of Houston; and Harris County Flood Control.

What others have said about this seminar

“A really useful opportunity to take stock and plan my next steps with expert input and really practical tools”
Peter Stephens, Deputy Director, European Reform, Department for Business Innovation and Skills

“A really useful session not just for the tools and frameworks but for galvanising you to take action”
Victoria Wheal, Senior Manager, Public Affairs, John Lewis Partnership

“The facilitators worked well together and the conversation was easy and energising as well as covering the ground that was promised”
Lorraine Rogerson, Executive Director, Equality and Human Rights Commission

 “A really helpful approach to getting more self-awareness about what I want from my remaining career”
Guy Rickett, Secretary to the Board, Technology Strategy Board

“A really useful and informative course. Very clear and helpful exercises” Richard Irvine, Deputy Head of Group,
Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency

“Really useful in helping me define the direction of my future career. Interesting content and well delivered” Alistair
Moses, Editor, Consumer Futures

Please contact either Hilary Danelian at hilary@pathwaycoaching.co.uk, or Ros Starkey at info@starkeycoaching.com if you would like to discuss creating an in-house seminar for your organisation.

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