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“Take Control of Your Career”- a new extended career management seminar

Date: TBA – New Extended Seminar  – 1.5 days
Venue: Central London
Facilitators: Hilary Danelian and Ros Starkey

Organisations today use a variety of career management processes and activities, both formal and informal. These range from routine development discussions with line managers, to job families and career pathways, to talent management programmes for those identified as having ‘high potential’. Whatever the organisational intervention, common to all is the underlying principle that the employee should take an active role in managing their career. It is this trend towards having to manage your own career, even if you stay within a single organisation, that now makes it vital for individuals to review their career direction and options on a regular basis.

This seminar, run by experienced career coaches, over one and a half days, gives you the space to review your career and equips you with a range of practical tools and resources to help you progress along your chosen career path. Participating in this intensive event will help you: take stock of your skills and strengths; understand what is important to you and what motivates you at work; identify what might hold you back; open up new options; and identify opportunities that you might have missed. Working with others in similar situations but from a range of different organisations and backgrounds helps stimulate new thinking and generate new ideas. The follow-up career coaching session will help sustain the learning and momentum and offer support as you start to implement your action plan.

Seminar Content:

The content includes:

  • a process to help you reflect on your career path to date
  • an exercise to explore what is most important to you – your values
  • a psychometric tool – the Strong Interest Inventory – to aid career exploration and identify your career focus
  • a diagnostic questionnaire to help identify your Career Anchor
  • an exercise to help you take an in-depth look at your skills
  • creative exercises to open up new thinking about your future career path
  • an opportunity to explore potential constraints and barriers to success
  • time to think about how to manage your transition into a new role or career
  • practical tips and resources to help you take your first steps along your chosen pathway
  • a senior-level speaker who will share their career story and what helped them achieve success
  • tools to take away to help you plan your future career in line with your values and aspirations

You will be asked to complete some pre-work to ensure you make the most of your time during the seminar itself.

“The pre-work was an excellent preparation for the day – essential to the seminar’s success.” Carl O’Brien, Cefas

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is for you if you are facing a key career decision, are at a career crossroads, or just want to take stock and review your situation. You might:

  • be at a career turning point, needing to weigh up your options in order to make the next step count
  • have a career path mapped out but are uncertain about how to make the next promotion happen
  • be in your target job or have it in sight, yet feel a sense of unease and lack of fulfilment
  • find that a merger or downsizing has changed the landscape and impacted your career opportunities
  • be in the second half of working life, seeking meaning, and looking to find your authentic self at work
  • be in sight of retirement but still want to seek out new challenges and maximise your contribution

Why should organisations nominate people for this seminar?

A key component in managing talent is the employee’s belief in their organisation’s investment in them as individuals. Sponsoring participation in this event offers:

  • a clear signal to individuals that they are valued – and employees who feel valued are more likely to look within an organisation rather than elsewhere when they desire a job shift
  • an opportunity for participants to equip themselves with a range of practical tools and strategies to help manage their careers rather than rely on their managers or HR departments to do it for them
  • a cost-effective way to develop, and potentially retain, talented employees

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